What and where to eat in Berlin

As Germany’s captial and social focus, Berlin is viewed as one of the most lively urban communities on the planet. Not exclusively does the city brag a rich history and dynamic culture, it likewise offers a great range of places to eat to enable you to experience conventional German dishes.

Other than the various chain restaurants and bistros, you can likewise feast with local people and get a legitimate taste of what the city brings to the table. This is likewise an incredible method to meet local people and get local neighborhood tips on things to do!

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Please find below 5 meals you would be mad not to try whilst in Berlin

1. Wiener Schnitzel at KaDeWe

Image result for berlin Wiener Schnitzel at KaDeWe"

2. Mustafas Gemüsedöner

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3. Any Burger from The Bird

4. Mixed Meat Platter at Zweistrom

Image result for berlin Mixed Meat Platter at Zweistrom"

5. Currywurst mit Pommes at Curry 36 or Konnopkes Imbiss

Image result for berlin Currywurst mit Pommes at Curry 36 or Konnopkes Imbiss"

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