Is Germany a Safe or Dangerous Country?

Germany is a safe country. Crime rates are low contrasted with southern European nations, and the law is carefully implemented very strictly. Germany is positioned number fourteenth on the positioning of world’s most safest nations.

Pickpockets may at times be an issue in urban zones or at well populated events. Begging isn’t unprecedented in some bigger urban communities, however no more prominent than in most other large cities across Europe, and you will infrequently encounter forceful homeless people. Know that a beggar with any cardboard sign close to your body could be a pickpocket stunt.

Recent terror attacks have occurred in neighboring nations as well as Germany and while voyagers should raise their degree of alertness, the police presence has been enormously expanded in large urban communities to dissuade further assaults. While not many visitors have been casualties of these assaults, the fear monger danger is reflected in the security positioning you will notice.

Be particularly cautious and guard for bag and mobile thief’s at transport centers like train stations, air terminals, eateries, open air bistros, sea shores and public transport.

Protect your own things constantly, particularly your passport and monies by using something like a hidden money belt.

Trivial crimes, similar to bag snatching is a major issue around touristic zones and on public transport. In large cities such as Berlin, avoid potential risk (eg: not strolling in parks alone late at night, not leaving your bicycle or mobile and camera unattended, and not keeping your wallet in your backpocket) and you will in all probability not experience any wrongdoing whatsoever while remaining in Germany.

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