We start the day tour of Berlin with the Reichstag (subway: U-Bahn Bundestag), the Parliament of Germany. It is a building that was completed in 1894 after10 years of work. Curiously, the Parliament was not to the liking of the Kaiser of the time, Wilhelm II, who called the building “Reichsaffenhaus”, which literally means “House […]

City breaks in Berlin

There’s something for everybody during a city break in Berlin. The city brags a fabulous vibe of cool and with so many legacy attractions. Regardless of whether you’re searching for the rave capital of Europe, or to absorb the imaginative culture or to dive into the city’s history. The city is praised for its popular […]

30 years since the Berlin Wall Fell

Although it’s been 30 years in November since the Berlin Wall fell, hints of the cold war era can even now be seen and felt all through the city. GDR-time design and framework is still strewn over the previous east, from the streetlights and skyscraper Plattenbauten, and the previous Geisterbahnhöfe – the metro “phantom stations” […]

Berlin travel: Capital of cool

BERLIN, November 1989. A youthful fellow wrapped up looks through a crack in the Berlin wall at the East Germany patrol men. The patrol man gazes back at the kid and at that point breaks into a grin. What’s more, a vigilant youthful press photographer caught the moment symbolizing probably the greatest event in twentieth […]

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