Berlin pub crawl

In need of something to do cultured and fun?

Original-Europe-Tours have created one insane night and there Berlin Pub crawl resembles no other. So go bar crawl with them as they visit a portion of Berlin’s best bars, and see what makes this towns elective underworld so well known. Towards the night’s end, you will finish up in one of Berlin’s well known super clubs. Investigate the Berlin night with them on the Original Berlin Pub Crawl!

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This truly is a night like no other. They will offer you discounted drinks throughout the night. Furthermore, there will be free shots with each drink bought. The pubs they go to can change on a daily basis and they guarantee you will have an extraordinary night out! There guides love this city and the nightlife there is something exceptional.

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The Original Berlin Pub crawl is intended to be a social crawl and with Berlin guides there to help you have fun. You will stop in various bars, pubs, parlors, and clubs. From the shisha bars of the renowned Simon-Dach Str. to the grungy electro relax on warschauer str. They have everything you need for a fantastic night to meet people. This is your ticket to Berlins greatest night out and you can book here.

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