Must see museums

Berlin has 170 museums – so you’d have to stay a long time to see them all! We have enabled you to limit the time needed and locatethe most relevant museums to you. Berlin has significant museums with craftsmanships from over all the ages – beginning with artful culminations from the traditional and current world on Museum Island, including the incredible Egyptian Queen Nefertiti in the stupendously reestablished Neues Museum.

The well known Museum Island contains five exhibition halls introducing a scene of workmanship and history, from old societies to the nineteenth-century painting hall. Over Berlin, you can anticipate an abundance of shocking exhibition hall accumulations, current and contemporary craftsmanship and bleeding edge theater, three musical drama houses and music from exemplary to up and coming.

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In the Gemäldegalerie, you can appreciate one of the world’s driving accumulations of European artistic creations from the thirteenth to the eighteenth century. For a collection of contemporary craftsmanship head towards the Hamburger Bahnhof historical center.

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To find out about Berlin’s history and Germany’s checkered past, visit the DDR Museum, the German Historical Museum , the Märkisches Museum, the Ephraim-Palais or the Jewish Museum.

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For an alternate interpretation of the city’s way of life and history, don’t miss the intuitive Currywurst Museum, committed to the city’s famous food. For other things to do throughout the day, look at the Sugar Museum in the German Museum of Technology – only one of the city’s strange galleries with uncommon displays!

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