We start the day tour of Berlin with the Reichstag (subway: U-Bahn Bundestag), the Parliament of Germany. It is a building that was completed in 1894 after10 years of work. Curiously, the Parliament was not to the liking of the Kaiser of the time, Wilhelm II, who called the building “Reichsaffenhaus”, which literally means “House […]

City breaks in Berlin

There’s something for everybody during a city break in Berlin. The city brags a fabulous vibe of cool and with so many brilliant attractions. Regardless of whether you’re searching for the rave capital of Europe, or to absorb the imaginative culture, or to dive into the city’s history. The city is praised for its popular […]

The very best budget and non budget hotels in Berlin

Making sure you have good accommodation that suits your comforts and needs and that is within your budget is of the most importance, but do also consider the hotel location in relation to the whereabouts of the attractions you are planning on visiting. The best hotels for the budget free visitors Hotel Adlon Kempinski Berlin’s […]

The history of the Berlin wall

Although it’s been over 30 years since the Berlin Wall fell, hints of the cold war era can even now be seen and felt throughout the city. GDR-time design and framework is still strewn over the previous east sector of Berlin, from the streetlights and Plattenbauten skyscraper, and the previous Geisterbahnhöfe – the metro “phantom […]

Berlin travel: Capital of cool

BERLIN, November 1989. A youthful fellow wrapped up looks through a crack in the Berlin wall at the East Germany patrol men. The patrol man gazes back at the kid and at that point breaks into a grin. What’s more, a vigilant youthful press photographer caught the moment symbolizing probably the greatest event in twentieth […]

So how expensive is Berlin?

What amount of cash will you need in Berlin, €101 is the normal day by day cost whilst in Berlin. The normal cost of dinners in Berlin for one day is €41. The normal cost of a hotel in Berlin for a couple is €91. Extra budgeting estimates for more than one day can be […]

Ten tips to help you have fun when out in Berlin

Berlin is well known for its marvelous nightlife: incalculable bars and the best club scenes in the world. Remember these 10 rules of Berlin’s nightlife to discover what you need to have a ton of fun on your night out: Where the nightlife is happening: Mostly in the Mitte” (center), north of it in Prenzlauer Berg, […]

Where to shop in Berlin

No trip to any city is complete without taking a look around the shops regardless of your style and trying to grab some bargains. The below 5 shopping malls should cover a wide variety of styles to suit even the most niche fashion guru. Mall of Berlin Opened in 2014 and located next to Potsdaner […]

What and where to eat in Berlin

As Germany’s captial and social focus, Berlin is viewed as one of the most lively urban communities on the planet. Not exclusively does the city brag a rich history and dynamic culture, it likewise offers a great range of places to eat to enable you to experience conventional German dishes. Other than the various chain […]

Fly to Berlin from London and back for only £21 with Skyscanner

Berlin, Germany’s capital city, is an absolute necessity to see for everybody! Those blessed enough to visit this eccentric city will think that its viable yet lovely, creative yet practical, vigorous yet laid-back. Inundate yourself in Berlin’s rich history; investigate the Reichstag, Checkpoint Charlie and the dazzling Brandenburg Gate. Appreciate an espresso under a column […]

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